Portia- 1. Prayer for Jeannie and I’s mission trip in Uganda!

2.  For my niece Abigail with her chemotherapy for her cancer.

Shannon: Hey I’m going to be a counselor for the freshmen girls cabin at Hume in July. I’m a little nervous but I’m SUPER excited – I just ask for prayer that I’ll be prepared and have a great time with the girls that week.
Candice: Pray for patience for me while John is gone in Massachusetts. Pray for safe travels for him. For me to be more submissive. You’re all beautiful.


Maribel: My brother Moses who is now in jail. Pray that God have mercy and loving him to surrender to Christ.
Also, my om and little bro are in Mexico on vacation, pray for a restful and safe stay, and for a safe trip back next week.
Paul: For me to be more submissive.
Jillian: Pray that I will not be overwhelmed by a super hectic schedule, specifically with work and rehearsals for a show. Please pray that I cling to Christ more. This is also huge in praying that God will prepare me for NYU.
Rosendo: Praise for a new full time job for the summer.
Karina: Pray that the Lord would justify me at work, and that I would be filled with the joy of thte Holy Spirite pray that God would guide our decisions and strengthen me as a leader at Kay’s.
Jazze: I need God to break my heart, ASAP! I’m in a desperate need of God. pray that I can remember God has me where I am for a reason. Pray that I remember God thinks I’m good enough. And that I  can start working to raise money for the TWLOHA internship.
Robert: Pray that God would remove my worry about the shop, that he would strengthen my faith that He is in control. Also that Renee would come to know Jesus.
Jeremiah: That I would dive deeper in my relationship with Christ and not be discouraged with my past failures.
Amanda: For my family, my dad especially, through the loss of the Grandpa. For strength and comfort.